Top 5 Weirdest Crop Circle Facts

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Top 5 Weirdest Crop Circle Facts

Crop circles are REAL!… That is, they do really appear sometimes; exactly HOW they appear is another questions. Are they hoaxes? Or are they put there by aliens, magnetic fields, or… like… birds around Stonehenge or something? But unlike UFOs, ghosts and other paranormal stuff, we can actually see them. On this episode of WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts, we’re counting down the Top 5 Weirdest Facts About Crop Circles!

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Weirdest Crop Circle Facts

  1. noooo, it’s people every time. if it was magnetism or whatever there
    wouldn’t be a time BEFORE crop circles was common. This is like watching
    ancient aliens on “history” channel…

  2. your trying to say that right of the bat their created naturally in
    nature… No freaking possible way… snowflakes is one thing but
    kaleidoscope patterns over entire fields of crop is another thing

  3. What a crock! If some crop circles are caused by purely natural phenomena
    such as changes to the Earth’s magnetic field, why did they only start
    showing up at the same time the man-made versions did?

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