Top 10 Fan Theories That Were Right

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Top 10 Fan Theories That Were Right
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Talk about stranger than fan fiction! From Stan Lee’s cameos, to Quentin Tarantion’s universe, to Negan’s kill count, these fan theories turned out to be true. WatchMojo counts down ten fan theories that were right.

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#10: Bernard Is a Version of Arnold
#9: Humanity Got the Word “Doctor” from the Doctor
#8: Negan Kills 2 People Instead of 1
#7: Chuck Is God
#6: Why Klingons Have Forehead Ridges
#5: Stan Lee’s Cameos Are All the Same Character
#4: All of His Movies Are Connected
#3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Fan Theories That Were Right

  1. I theorize that in “Dodgeball” William Shatner doesn’t just play the Chancellor of the American Dodgeball Association of America but that the Chancellor IS Shatner for some reason.  I don’t think it’s that strange a theory considering that Chuck Norris sits on the ADAA’s governing body.  Why a Canadian is Chancellor of the *American* Dodgeball Association of *America* is a different question, however.

  2. For the Harry potter one, it wasn’t revealed, it said in Harry potter and the deathly hallows, Harry says to Hermione and Ron after being in Dumbledores office during the battle of Hogwarts, that he is a horcrux. It’s specifically said in the books!

  3. Remember in one of the very first episodes of Lost when they joke about how maybe they died on the plane and this is Purgatory? Wasn’t that the writers going, “Hey, audience, we KNOW this is what you will think so let’s just tell you now that’s not what’s up.” And it wasn’t what was up.

  4. Watch Mojo are you really surprised that Jon Snow/Argon Targaryen and The Mother of Dragons are a Incest couple really I’m not at all Look at Jamie and Sersei Lannister. Nough said

  5. Too bad the Voltron theory wasn’t in here. Fans will know I’m talking about the fact that Keith it part Galra. It was seriously the most popular theory and it was proven correct!!! it’s still awesome.

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