Top 10 Best Warcraft Cinematics!

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Top 10 Best Warcraft Cinematics!
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The world of Azeroth has produced some of the best cutscenes & cinematics in the world of gaming! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Warcraft Cinematics.

#10. “Battle for Azeroth” Trailer
#9. Orc Ending
#8. Thrall vs Garrosh/Nagrand Finale
#7. “Warcraft 3” Trailer
#6. Broken Shore (Both Perspectives)
#5. “Warlords of Draenor” Intro
#4. Illidan’s Story
#3, #2 & #1:???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Warcraft Cinematics!

  1. Never been sure what is worse in my life blizzard(actually it’s pathetic copies and not blizzard itself) or EA.. .

  2. Sort of expected no.1 but personally hoped a differenct choice. Agreed with the rest though but the BFA intro really got to me like a knife…

  3. Lich King intro sucked, it’s just Arthas walking in the snow remembering stuff his Dad said that really doesn’t pertain to the situation, and then some skeletons show up.
    #1 pick is spot on tho. I would have had Warlords intro higher, so epic when Guldan is like “This is not what was fated!” and Garrosh just smugly replies “Times change…”

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