Pokémon VS Digimon

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It’s the battle of the 90’s childhood anime, we’re pitting the Pocket Monsters up against the Digital Monsters to see which of these two monumental cartoons will reign supreme. Which series has the better video games? Card game? Anime? Creatures? Battles? Which is most willing to adapt? which has the biggest cultural impact? It’s Agumon vs Pikachu! Greymon vs Charizard! Myotismon vs Mewtwo!

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11 thoughts on “Pokémon VS Digimon

  1. playing digmon cyber sleuth right now, digimon is better in every way, Pokemon games are soooo boring now and enjoyed pokemon anime as a kid but it’s just repulsive to watch now where as digimon anime is still enjoyable.

  2. Games? Pokemon.
    Anime? Digimon.

    hate all you want but only the first 3 seasons of digimon were good imo

  3. It’s close…. I give the winner to Pokémon… just because of the variety, diversity, and fame that came of the original show series. Also, pickachu of course!

  4. i won’t lie i’m one of those nerds who didn’t really like Pokemon. I liked Digimon WAY better but either way i love being a nerd and our nerd culture.

  5. Pokemon is far superior when it comes to the games. but I’m not sure about the anime since I only watch pokemon but I would’ve gave it to Pokémon becuase the movies are great

  6. Pokemon is ways better. I watched digit on before Pokemon though. Sometimes popular is worse or better. In this case, better.

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