10 Smartest Countries In The World

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Just how smart are you compared to the smartest countries in the world?

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10 thoughts on “10 Smartest Countries In The World

  1. Iran is number 1 hands down. No one comes close. Go and see who the majority of the residents of Beverly Hills, bel air, Newport Beach, laguna beach, Huntington Beach, Santa Monica are. Definitely no Japanese and the Koreans are in the worst part of Orange County with most likely Persian landlords.

  2. I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on that number one. Is South Korea really where the smartest country in the world they wouldn’t be having such trouble with the 2018 Winter Olympics. Just look up how much trouble they’re freaking happen with them they can’t even sell enough tickets to make the money back for what they’ve already done. They thought the for a winter event building a stadium without a roof was a good idea. If they were really so fucking smart they’d be able to pull off something like that reasonably well just like almost every other country has been able to do since the beginning. Even Nazi Germany Mash to pull off a successful Olympic Games while they were at war with some of the countries that were competing and no I don’t mean a cold war like North and South Korea literal actual War. So don’t tell me the people that they can’t pull off planning and a simple event are the smartest people in the fucking world.

  3. In uk we have the top colleges and top thinkers in history like Shakespeare and lots more we are smarter then all of them

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