10 Most Dangerous Borders

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Some countries are easier to get into than others, and some are outright dangerous. Today Alltime10s takes you through the 10 Most Dangerous Borders in the world.

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10 thoughts on “10 Most Dangerous Borders

  1. Get 2 things straight. 1) There is not an influx of Indian terrorists into bangladesh, rather the terrorists planning attacks in india frequently use this border to gain access 2) “ regularly abused” really? Do you think this is a dictatorship country. We don’t even attack Pakistani posts unless they do it first and we want to kill bangladeshis. Good joke

  2. 4:38 “Indian terrorists in bangladesh” there are no such thing called indian terrorists and if India wants they can invade and annex whole south Asia then why the hell they need to send terrorists . putting a bad image on most peacefull country. western propaganda against India is too much evil and disgusting.

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